Band History

Total Devotion began in the fall of 1991 in Baltimore Maryland, with Rimas Campe and his synthesizers. The music had an 80s synth-pop sound, and Rimas worked with backing vocalist Rachael Phelps (pictured left). In January 1993 Total Devotion hit the live scene at dance clubs and concert halls throughout the Baltimore/Washington area. The live setup consisted of keyboardist Henry Heuscher and electric pad drummer Rob Strickland. Several music videos were filmed and aired on local cable networks. Many demo releases and EP tapes followed. In January of 1995 Rimas gave into the ever-opposing music scene of grunge and changed the sound to a more aggressive and guitar-edged resulting in an emotional angst- filled album WHERE THE GRASSES GROW, released later that year. As the smoke cleared from the Grasses Grow release, Campe returned to the recording scene in the Fall of 1998 with a return to his electronic synth roots with a raw sound of ISOLATION. This project inspired a collaborative effort with song writer Miles Gannet, ISOLATION REMIXES. Slated for fall '99 is a new album project, 1000 YEAR EMPIRE. Total Devotion has been heard on radio stations throughout the U.S., and has appeared on several aspiring band compilations.


'in kag ni to' (June 1994) was TD's first album release on Fatal Records, an independent label formed by Campe. The techno-funk 10-song EP contained the single 'Believe in You' which was featured on the Control-Alt-Delete 'Cat Compilation' CD in August of the same year. Other artists included on the CD were Information Society and Anything Box. Two instrumental tracks by Total Devotion appeared on the ambient soundtrack CD compilation 'Media Works.' Another compilation, 'CatScan1.0' (October 1995) featured the single 'lifeline,' (Other artists included were Information Society and Seven Red Seven). In 1995, 'Where the Grasses Grow' was released on Fatal Records. Christmas 1996 Total Devotion produced "Christmas Town," a track written exclusively for the compilation 'Cat Claus '96'. In October 1998, Total Devotion released the EP 'isolation,' also on Fatal Records. Track 1 "lost" is featured on the compilation 'control.alt.delete:Y2K Compliant.' December 1998 the 'Isolation Remixes' project was born. Slated for late fall 1999 is a new album project, '1000 year empire' (SEE NEW RELEASES)

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