After viewing any VCR, I may choose to check messages to look for alien races that may be contacting me, or if an enemy got hit by one of my mine fields, etc.

Again, this is a QUICK and SIMPLE tutorial, so I will not bother going into more detail, just check out the other messages when you feel inclined.

If a little Echo Cluster chicklet appears in the right side of the message, it will pinpoint the location of what the message is refering to, and you will be taken to the Echo Cluster, or Starchart window.  

Keep in mind the difference between SUBJECT List and MESSAGE List. The Subject list will take you back out to your subject choices, which containl a LIST of messages you can then select.

Writing and receiving messages to alien races in the game adds a lot of fun to VGA Planets. Should you wish to send an anonymous message, type *w* before or after the message, and the recipient will receive the message without knowing the author.