i   s   o   l   a   t   i   o   n 

a light glows from your window this night
a moth shakes towards the glorious sight
a box filled with your letters of life
your eyes burn, shadows dance in the night

i   s   o   l   a   t   i   o   n

a birthday ends with bare feet on the grass
no cries heard, just a morbid past
a box filled up with your photographs
your face turns into nothing fast

i   s   o   l   a   t   i   o   n

i'm back in time with you
i'm back in time with you
you turn to face the sun
your sweat could nourish a dying plant

i   s   o   l   a   t   i   o   n


l   o   s   t

[But if you turn it this way, and look into it, it will show you your dreams]
I've brought you a gift]
[I suppose we ought to find a way to blend in]

I've fallen into a hole I'm losing sleep
Look out for the door it's ten feet deep
I've cut through the wire deep underground
Looks like I'm lost before I'm found

I'm tired of watching your numbers change in size
You run but you just can't change your eyes
This moon has fallen from sky without a sound
Looks like I'm lost before I'm found

Shape distorted a nightmare in disquise
Hand off in hall, one more surprise
Alarms are warning I'm scared to make a sound
Looks like I'm lost before I'm found


a   n   a   r   c   h   y 

[I don't live my life like that, and I don't think you do either]

Information exchange turns to deep intentions
Which life takes the better road only time will tell
Or is there more, oh well
Write your words all down, making new inventions
Fight the battle of balancing whose life this is
Is it yours or his

it's pure anarchy
fight the battle of balancing whose life this is
Is it yours or his

Your deeds will save the child but what will you get in return
Standing so tall when all the walls fall
Your break will come, go ahead feel numb

There's no time to think 
Just close up your head
Pour thoughts down the sink
Your heart's filled up with lead
There's no sympathy
Break your leather skin
Buckle up and see
The ride's about to begin


r   i   d   e

[I can see you]

You've seen it before but never like this
Treadmarks in the sand that wash away
You've shared it before but it was painful
Such marks on your skin won't fade away

Dark ship in the fog, you are the lighthouse
Can't blink or else you will fade away
Returned letters inconsequential questions
Scanned image, your face won't go away

You'd never run
But you sure could hide
This isn't fun
But come for the ride

No contact for several generations
No gifts left to give, they've gone away
Drive out in the heat for conversation
Playgrounds with the swings that sway today

I'd better run
I'd better hide
This isn't fun
I'll come for the ride


m   y     o   w   n     w   o   r   l   d

Fresh paint drips from my face to my soul
Color me blind do I care
This is fantastic, so strangely seems ironic
You chose the wrong way to go

Don't give me a chance to explain
Don't think you can see all the pain

Friendship of years means nothing to me
Walls of cement often crack
You've never been there, don't try to understand it
You're finally jumping track

Look at me I'm not you
Your eyes can't see the hue
Cross that line and you'll never return
This is my own world

Closer each time but whose fault is it now
Leaders escape with no blame
This isn't new ground
The footprints must be frozen
Can't take away the shame


s   i   l   e   n   c   e     s   a   y   s     i   t     a   l   l

It's unclassified behavior
It's an undefined reply
It's like your staring at a neighbor
You just watch him sit and die

You're skipping stones on ice
You're running from the paradise
You'll never care for my advice
Your silence says it all

Pride and prejudice are heresy
Adolescence takes the toll
Maladjustment an rebellion
That's ok, but what's my role