Finally, the PLANETS. I find this the most tedious of tasks; going through all of my planets (and when you get to turn 30+, you'll know what I'm talking about) and making sure mines, factories, and defense posts are built up.


Be sure to access the HELP menu and look up NATIVE RACE ADVANTAGES... I still never remember them and look them up almost every turn. For instance, a planet with teh Ghipsoidal race will give you an automatic TECH 10 engine capability if you build a STARBASE there... quite costly when you use megacredits alone to boos that tech level.




Try not to overtax, and build FACTORIES first, so you can use the supplies each turn to eventually build up MINES, and then the costly DEFENSE posts... I remember I once confused MINES with the MINES a ship can lay as a field... you'll find many overlapping terms... good luck. And finally, use the HELP menu, and other on line sources. This tutorial was just scratching the surface, but hopefully made you just a bit more comfortable with the micro-managing game of economics, mathematics, and strategy. Now THERE's a way to sell the game! Trust me, it gets easier on the management side, but as Obi-Wan Kenobi said, "You've taken your first step, into a larger world." Good Luck.