The manual that comes with VGA Planets can be somewhat difficult to digest at a first glance. The game engine itself can be very overwelming. This is a step by step tutorial on what to do for each TURN. As this is a TURN-based game, you do a turn, send it in for host to run, then you get a result, hence your next turn begins. For a more descriptive method of how TRN and RST files need to be operated/extracted/handled, go HERE.

This tutorial is for BEGINNERS only. It is also a GUIDE and a SUGGESTIVE method for doing a game turn. Certainly many will argue about the depth and order choice, but this is how I play the game, and it wasn't until someone walked me through a turn that I decided to continue to play VGA Planets... and how I do not regret that for a bit! Good luck.

I have narrowed a turn into 8 basic steps. How deep you go within each step, however, is completely up to you. I'll throw in some important, probably random, tips that will also help your game play... Select a number above to begin.